Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Michał Kamil Piotrowski 'Visual Poetry' 14 March 3 April 2022

Michał Kamil Piotrowski

Visual Poetry

Michał Kamil Piotrowski is a visual poet and text artist living and working in Folkestone. He writes experimental, visual, and technology-powered poetry. He enjoys making poetry interactive and he mostly works with found text. The themes he explores the most are technology, politics, love, and mental illnesses. His interactive book The Cursory Remix (2021, Contraband Books) has been co- written by Google Translate.

Below are some of his Visual poems:
'Druggy Pac-Man'


'Sonic Sonnet'

To find out more about 
Michał and his work, you can follow him on Instagram @somecoolwords or @artBLAB


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